Meticulous documentation of the painting process turned into a few seconds of video


I painted this one for Sound and Vision exhibition that took place on October 11, 2014  at the legendary Sound City Studios location, which is now Fairfax Recordings.  SOUND & VISION payed tribute to all the musicians that have recorded there, creating some of the greatest music in rock n roll history.
SOUND & VISION was an exclusive  group art exhibition featuring works by 25 of LA's most compelling visual artists.

I chose The Lumineers as my band of inspiration. Here is my little blurb about them:

The sounds of The Lumineers awaken a sense of familiarity that is hard to place. It is a polarizing feeling – a combination of thrill and anticipation coupled with a sense of warmth and comfort. Usually triggered by sentimental smells, foods or favorite folk tales, it materializes into a brief slide show of memories one holds dear.

The Lumineers

Oil on Canvas
© Alla Bartoshchuk 2018