I think there is a certain sacredness in a painting. It is still and quiet in the nature of its objectness, but somehow it is possible to hear and see it move. I find it fascinating how static imagery can converse and connect with people, awaking a range of complex emotions, on the level that words do not.

I am a storyteller at heart and I use symbolic imagery to tell those stories. The symbols in my work are usually implied and are not always used in a literal sense. Rather they are private, imaginative images that arise from the depth of the psyche and embrace the surreal quality of dreams, fantasies and premonitions.

I often employ human body to tell a story and convey specific emotions. Even the tiniest movement of a muscle isn’t arbitrary. Every detail, every movement adds to the drama of the overall painting. There are of course certain formal elements of painting that attract me to employ a figure as my subject: analyzing the structure of human anatomy, how the light interacts with skin creating layers of translucent complimentary colors... Playing with pigment on the canvas to translate these nuances is like eating a delicious dessert...



Alla Bartoshchuk's development was paved and fueled by the simple passion for creating. The artistic expression in her nascent years found its place not only on the walls of her bedroom, but also on the neighbor’s fences. This early love for art led her to enter Youth Art Academy in her home-town Rivne, Ukraine, and later propelled her to move across the Atlantic Ocean to study fine arts in Memphis College of Art.

Alla graduated magna cum laude with Bachelor of Fine Art in painting in 2010. In June 2013 she received a Master of Fine Art degree from Laguna College of Art and Design.

Alla is honored to be the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, among which is Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant ( 2012 and 2013) and Kalos Foundation Visual Art Prize (First Place).

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